Praying for the Angry

Proverbs 29:22 (NJB)
22  The hot-head provokes disputes, someone in a rage commits all sorts of sins.

Lord of Peace,

I pray for that person who today is filled with anger and rage.  I lift them before you for they do not know how much they may harm their life and relationships, especially with you.

I accept that anger is a part of our human condition and that even your Son expressed a righteous anger but fear for what this uncontrolled anger may lead to in their lives.

As you have warned, anger is a destroyer of people and nations.  It robs them of their security in their relationships and distorts their ability to respond wisely to difficulties.

Strengthen them, Lord, with a holy strength that shall step back from their anger and search to see you and your will in their lives.

Free them from the prison of their emotions and grant them the liberty to serve freely despite their anger.

Protect them from becoming like the person who has offended them and forgive them for failing to hear your Spirit speaking to their heart.

Grant them the appropriate actions that can express their anger with restraint while showing concern for the other person’s welfare.

Heal them, Father, of the wounds of rejection so that they may not in turn reject and drive away the very ones they love.

When they believe they have been treated unjustly or unfairly, let them release that unresolved anger before it can take root in their heart.

Their fearful heart fosters a threat that causes them to strike out and in the end only reveals the lack of trust they have in you.

Let them know that they need only please you and that you will not reject or dismiss them in anger.  AMEN

Having prayed this prayer…

When you are hurt by rejection or another’s unkind words, do not use anger to intimidate for coerce someone to remain in a relationship with you.

When you have been victimized in an unjust situation, do not use accusatory words to somehow cause them to feel guilty or obligated to you.

When you are in a relationship or situation that is beyond your control, don’t let anger overpower you in order to get your way.

Never use anger to try to get your needs met.  Instead, repent of your anger and do not look to meet your needs but build a deeper relationship with Christ and depend upon Him to meet those God-given needs.