Prayer of Rest

Psalm 62:1 (NCV)
  I find rest in God; only he can save me.

Lord of Rest,

I seek to honor you by attending to my human limitations through restful rhythms.

I know such rest depends upon my honoring your limits upon my life.  Help me to pay attention to my physical, mental and spiritual needs so that I may learn when and how to rest.

Save me from those obsessions of life to be busy, harried and rushed in all its forms.

Free me from that compulsion to see myself or portray myself to others by the identity of what I do and not who I am.

Let me respect your plan for my life by seeing that rest as a part of a healthy spiritual life.

Remind me to take time and schedule rest into my calendar not just yearly or monthly but weekly and daily.

Provide for me those places of solitude and rest where I might retreat to be alone with you.

And teach me to take the time to learn to delight in you, family, the seasons, meals and all good gifts of creation with those periods of rest.  AMEN

Having prayed this prayer…

Take time in your work schedule to rest and make a concerted effort to guard those times from interruption.

Practice restful activities like reading a book, curling up by a fireplace, talking a walk, calling your family, talking to your kinds, going on a picnic or taking a nap.

Set margins in the day for moments of recollection and rest.

Do not stack too many activities that drain you like cleaning, washing clothes, chores, balancing the checkbook or paying the bills. 

Take the personal days you are do and rest.

Develop an intentional rhythm of rest and work in your life.