Prayer of Self Care

I Corinthians 3:16 The Message

“You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God and God himself is present in you?”


Lord of Mercy, I desire to be able to value myself as you value me.

I seek to honor you by nurturing an protecting this body, mind and spirit you have given me as much as my limits and desires allow.

Recognizing that not every thought within me is yours, I see to have a sane and proper value of myself.

Deliver me from the tendency to become engaged in self-absorption and enlighten me so that I may be self-aware.

Let me respect your sovereignty by not trying to save the world and fix all people to the detriment of my health and peace.  Help me stay out of your way and do just what you ask of me.

Teach me to live within my limits and obligations so that I may avoid burning out that I may serve you the length of my life.

Touch me with a greater sense of your love so I might in some small way know the height, length, breadth and depth of that love.

Then protect me, Lord, from myself and those addictions and obsessions that so easily control me and damage my health and relationship you have appointed to me.

Let me be comfortable in the life given to me and content wherein I find myself.  Amen

Having prayed this prayer…

Live in a way that will honor your body as a living temple for God’s presence.

Exercise, eat sensibly and observe the appropriate boundaries for an honorable life.

Rest and keep the Sabbath.

Thank God for the way He has designed you by recognizing and practicing your spiritual gifts.

Practice receiving love as well as giving love by choosing healthy rather than unhealthy relationships.