Prayer for Inner Healing

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  3 John 2

Lord, I am emotionally broken and wounded and desire the healing that only you can give.

Grant me the presence of your Son, Jesus, that I might a safe refuge to address my wounds and in that place help me to find the freedom to open myself wholly to you and the balm of your words both spoken and silent.

Quicken within me that Christ image that indwells so that I may listen and hear where in my inner man these diseased thoughts and words come from whether it be the world, the flesh or the devil.

Help me to discern the difference between false and true guilt as I seek You for my forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

Strengthen me to proclaim your forgiveness over those dark sins and the burden of their bondage.

Bring those past hurts in the healing light of Christ and give me the courage to wait faithfully for your healing and renewal.

In all these things, show me where I remain cut off from your presence and in your time open these places that I may harbor no unconfessed sin against you.  Amen

Having prayed this prayer…

Seek your spiritual elders and ask that they might lay hands upon you and anoint you as prescribed in His Word.

Find the time to contemplate more of your past injuries, memories and wounds that need the healing balm of Christ.

Take the image of placing your wounds into the wounds of Christ and let Him receive and free you of those burdens.

Find the time to review your attitudes and thoughts that deceive and foster lies about your relationship to the Father and others.