Prayer for Sabbath

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”  Mark 2:27

Lord, I desire to set aside one full day a week for rest and the worship of you.

Forgive me for failing to seek the healing of a regular Sabbath that was given for my delight and my communion with you.  I have been so busy doing, I have forgot that you are interested most in my ‘being’.

Come close to me, Lord Jesus, that on the Sabbath I may be fully present with you.

Help me to acknowledge my physical limitations and find that Sabbath strength to live peacefully with those limits.

Renew in me that sacred rhythm of work followed by rest in my vocation, life and relationships.

Allow me the heart to enjoy those times of rest and holiday where we celebrate the good and noble things of life.

And thank you, Lord, for doing all the things I cannot do and the peace of trusting you to see to my life in those moments of rest.  Amen.

Having prayed this prayer:

Make Sabbath as regular part of your schedule.

Practice restful activities more often such as walking, picnics, visiting, playing game, family time and affection.

Allow yourself the grace of setting aside all your concerns for one 24-hour period.

Refrain from any competition that brings out the worst in you.