Prayer for Slowing Down

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

Lord, help me curb my addiction to busyness, hurry and being a workaholic.  Teach me to savor each moment given me.

Teach me how to slow down as a way to overcome the inner hurriedness that torments me in my addiction to being busy.  Aid me in slowing down so that I can enjoy my life and take time to experience all that it offers.

Come along beside me as a shepherd that I may feel your pace and slow my down to meet yours.  Teach me patience  by learning to wait with a certain grace.

Forgive me for trying to take spiritual shortcuts in my life when what I need is to spend more time in love with you.

Let me trust your unhurried time schedule and be satisfied with what you give me in your time.

Remind me of the truth that love and rushing are fundamentally incompatible and the work of your Holy Spirit is not an ‘instant’.

In all this, strengthen me to accept interruptions for what they are; opportunities to discover grace.  Amen.

Having prayed this prayer:

Practice waiting by choosing the longer line and letting people go in front of you.

Speak more slowly and talk less.  Chose to listen more often.

Sit longer at the table and chew your food more slowly.

Look people in the eyes and let them know that you appreciate your time with them.