Thursday Evening Prayers

My Lord and Savior, I beseech you to continue your gracious protection to me and my family this night. Defend us from all dangers, and from the fear of them; that we may enjoy such refreshing sleep as may fit us for the duties of the coming day.

And grant me grace always to live in such a state that I may never be afraid to die; so that, living and dying, I may be yours, through the merits and satisfaction of your Son Christ Jesus, in whose name I offer up these my imperfect prayers.

Offer Him thanksgiving for a blessing you enjoyed this day

Help me, Lord. To admire without coveting. To give without demanding. To except without depending. To enjoy without surfeiting. To tolerate without patronizing. To reject without condemning. To disagree without resisting. To forgive without condemning. To direct without driving. To control without suppressing. To love without possessing. To praise without flattering. To work without weariness. To pray without ceasing.

Review your day with Him and look for His handprint

Holy Spirit, I offer my thanks for your presence in this day and for guidance you have given me.

O Christ, I confess to you the sins and failings of my day that you might not only forgive but reconcile any harm I have done.

Confess your failings, accept and thank Him for His forgiveness

Tonight, Lord, I lift before you those who lead your church, our community and nation.  Grant them compassion as well as wisdom and stir them to seek your wisdom over that of men.

I offer to you, Lord, any last stirrings of my heart before you give me rest.

Give over to His hands those things which occupy your mind and receive His rest

O Lord Jesus, you were scourged and humiliated and degraded for me that I might be lifted up, adopted as a child of God, and share in your inheritance. All glory, honor and praise to you.