Wednesday Morning Prayers

Let my words come to your ears, O Lord:

Listen to my voice, my King and my God.

As I make my prayer to you, Lord, listen to my voice in the morning;

in the morning, I will stand before you and await you.

Offer your gratitude to Him for at least two blessings in your life

Lord our God, in the grace of Jesus Christ we turn to you, our Father in heaven and on earth, for we know your truth and your saving power. Grant that all may learn to look upward to you in faith and in trust that your will is being done on earth, even though so much seems to be the work of humans alone. But your will is behind everything and we put ourselves under your will. We hope in your will. In your will we are certain that everything will be made right and good, to the glory of your name.

Dedicate to Him an email, letter, call or act of kindness you that will perform today to bless another

Lord, I look now to my day and the challenges known and unknown that they may serve your kingdom and glory.  Protect me and my loved ones from those forces that would do us harm or draw us away from you.

Tell the Lord of your love for Him

Today, Lord, I especially pray for all families whole or broken.  Share with them your spiritual purpose for their earthly family and inspire them to serve one another.

Preview your day with Him and then meditate and then listen in silence for His guidance

Hear now my needs for this time and draw me near to you that I might be still and hear your voice.

Lord God, you give the world new life by mysteries which are beyond our grasp.

May your Church not be deprived of earthly help while she makes progress by the strength of these eternal gifts.

Offer Him your plan today for an act of physical exercise of His temple, your body

Dear God, I know that sometimes I forget to praise You. I only come before you whenever I want to ask something. Well, today Lord, I want to change that. I want to praise and thank You Lord even without any special reason because my life alone is a wonderful gift. And to wake up everyday and marvel at the people I love is more than enough.  I just pray that You love me and my love ones unconditionally and see to it that we rise to a brand-new day to give you back the glory. AMEN