Tuesday Morning Prayers

Let my words come to your ears, O Lord:

Listen to my voice, my King and my God.

As I make my prayer to you, Lord, listen to my voice in the morning;

in the morning, I will stand before you and await you.

Offer your gratitude to Him for at least two blessings in your life

Lord our God, we thank you that throughout our lives you continually renew your Spirit in us. We thank you that your Spirit enables us to understand Jesus Christ and to follow him all our days on earth. Bless us, and let the revelation of your Spirit come to the world, to the people of all nations, a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each heart. But there must still be punishment for sin. For the sake of justice, the world has to suffer punishment through judgment.

For you, Almighty God, are Lord, and not even Satan, the prince of this world, can act against your will. You will carry out your will through the Holy Spirit. Our task is simply to follow Jesus all our days. This shall be our joy, this priceless gift of following the Lord Jesus. Praise to your name that we have him and his witness in the gospel every day. Praise to your name that every day, even through great distress, we can joyfully follow him in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Dedicate to Him an email, letter, call or act of kindness you that will perform today to bless another

Lord, I look now to my day and the challenges known and unknown that they may serve your kingdom and glory.  Protect me and my loved ones from those forces that would do us harm or draw us away from you.

Tell the Lord of your love for Him

Today, Lord, I especially pray for those imprisoned rightfully or wrongly.  Free them from the demons that torment them and let me not forget them.

Preview your day with Him and then meditate and then listen in silence for His guidance

Hear now my needs for this time and draw me near to you that I might be still and hear your voice.

Lord God, in your surpassing wisdom you reconcile man to yourself through your Word.

Grant that your Christian people may come with eager faith and ready will to celebrate your gospel and our resurrection.

Offer Him your plan today for an act of physical exercise of His temple, your body

Lord, today, I invite You to come and build my home. Lord, build my home with Your love. Bind us all together with Your love. Lord, may Your love fill our hearts, and may we communicate, cherish, and love one another because our heart is overflowing with Your love. Lord, as we put our hands to work, I ask that You establish all that we do. May none of us labor in vain. Lord, watch over us all. Protect us. Keep us safe from harm and the attacks of the enemy. Lord, may our rising in the morning never be in vain. In Jesus Name.  AMEN