Monday Morning Prayers


Let my words come to your ears, O Lord:

Listen to my voice, my King and my God.

As I make my prayer to you, Lord, listen to my voice in the morning;

in the morning, I present myself to you and long that you use me today.

Offer your gratitude to Him for at least two blessings in your life

Lord God, we thank you that you have upheld us and brought us to the Savior. Help us to remember this truth through your Holy Spirit, and constantly remind us while still on earth to live in heaven with all your angels. We are helpless without you. Your Spirit alone can overcome our sinful nature so that we never forget to be in heaven with the Savior now and in eternity.

Dedicate to Him an email, letter, call or act of kindness that you will perform today to bless another.

Lord, I look now to my day and the challenges known and unknown that they may serve your kingdom and glory.  Protect me and my loved ones from those forces that would do us harm or draw us away from you.

Tell the Lord of your love for Him

Today, Lord, I especially pray for those who tend to our children in whatever form.  Guide them in their service and touch them with your Spirit.

Preview your day with Him and then listen in silence for His guidance

Hear now my needs for this day and draw me near to you that I might be still and hear your voice.

Lord, open our hearts to your grace. Restrain us from all human waywardness and keep us faithful to your commandments.

Offer Him your plan today for the physical exercise of His temple, your body

Almighty risen Jesus, we praise and worship your name. We praise you for your incredible love for mankind. We praise you for your great strength in overcoming death. We praise for being our beloved deliverer, savior, victor and friend. You are an amazing God and we shall keep our faith in You forever. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN