An Age of Rage

When I spoke about the Age of Rage yesterday, I had no idea of the immediacy of such events.  Our first response is sorrow for those lost and gratitude for the safety of our own.  Soon the recriminations will follow and the rhetoric will get us no farther in the onslaught upon us.  This is not a national experience, it is an international crises.  As the stock market rises to cosmic heights, we find more people disenfranchised by disasters, wars, poverty, discrimination and disease.  Barely a hundred years ago, our world was balanced on such a precipice.  Demagogues rose to give vent to the anger and frustration and the world burned.  This is not going to be addressed by even the best of our human efforts.  What has been set in motion will play out.  I cannot say where it will end but I can call upon us to practice in our own world the wisdom of the apostle who said, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger…” but such will not be done by our power or effort.  Our hope lies in the decision to replace such bitterness with “kindness, compassion, forgiving one another as in Christ, God forgave us.” (Eph. 4:32)  You will not hear it offered by the media or politicians but now is a time for prayer.  Prayer for what lies before us and repentance for how we have mocked God.  May God have mercy.