Intentional Faith

This site was developed to serve intentional people and communities of faith.  Currently we offer three venues of ministry. 

The first is support for all cell or home church groups with weekly worship prayers, scriptural readings  and biblical study.  We offer access to current and archival sessions and lessons for those who register.

Likewise, we offer communities of faith an interactive tool for assessing the spiritual climate of their faith family so that they might better equip them to grow and to serve.  A monthly email survey allows you to gauge the pulse of your people on their walk with Christ, engagement with the Word, prayer life, connection to the family of faith, their witness to the world and levels of service. 

They are able to get a glimpse of their spiritual growth and you are able to plan how your community can encourage that growth.  Make sure you tag that desire on your registration.

Finally, we offer a deeper walk in your prayer life and discipline.  Use the decision tree below to guide you into prayers designed to draw you closer to Him and open to His leading.  Remember that you are not trying to make God a part of your life but you a part of His.  The discipline of prayer (conversing with God on a regular basis) will change your life not by your efforts but by being open to His.  Enjoy the journey.