Save the sacrificial work of our Savior, few things impact your spiritual more than those conversations you have with God that we call prayer.  Your presence here indicates that you are seeking to grow your prayer life. 

Remember that you are not trying to make God a part of your life but you a part of His.  The discipline of prayer (conversing with God on a regular basis) will change your life not by your efforts but by being open to His.  Enjoy the journey.

Our prayer site addresses  that prayer life by providing you interactive prayers designed to enhance your conversations with God.  Select the element(s) you are seeking and elevate your prayer life today.  


Prayer conversations with God focused on your inner journey of faith.


Prayer conversations with God focused on your walk with God.


Prayer conversations with God focused on your walk with those around you.


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A more detailed explanation for using this site is found on our Q&A page.  It is our prayer that God will speak to you and your life as you take the time to speak to Him and listen.